Illustrator CS4: Live Trace and Live Paint together

I found a silhouetted image on line.  All black.  I needed the shape of it, not the interior color.

I used Live Trace and Live Paint to strip the image of everything but the outline.

  1. Copy the image to Photoshop.
  2. Erase the background any way you choose, leaving only the image itself.
  3. Save it as a .PSD file.
  4. Close it.
  5. Open Illustrator.
  6. File/Open the .PSD file
  7. Choose “Convert Layers to Objects”
  8. Click OK.
  9. There may be more than one layer that appears in your Illy file.
  10. Click the Target of the layer you want to work with, AKA Select the image
  11. Click the Object menu / Live Trace / Tracing Options.
  12. Check “Preview”, Check Strokes, under the View section choose Raster / No Image, and Vector / Outlines.
  13. Optional:  click Save Preset.
  14. Click Trace.
  15. Object /  Live Paint / Make
  16. Now you can edit the outline as well as the fill.

Very useful if the image you want to work with is relatively simple.  Please feel free to add suggestions if you have other scenarios.



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