Little-Big Successes!

First, I’d like to thank whoever cautioned me to stay out of the sun, because my dermatology exam turned up totally in-the-clear for any sort of melanomas.  With the few brown spots on my back and freckles galore, I can get a little anxious.  “Nothing evil,” sez my doc.  Of course, I’ve learned that’s entirely the wrong language to use.  One should say, “All clear,” otherwise the patient (that’s me) thinks, “Holy sh*t!  Then what DO I have?”   Sort of like saying, “You’ll be very comfortable,” instead of, “Don’t worry,” because then the only word that sticks in the mind of the person you want to calm down is:  “WORRY!”

Second, I’d like to thank the Metropolitan Transit Authority ridership for snapping up four more copies of “Andy Hero of Brooklyn!”    A fifty-page hand-drawn story for a mere two bucks?  Who can resist?


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